RootQuest provides creative integrated educational services to help children and caregivers develop skills that promote learning and wellbeing. RootQuest consulting services include individual consultation, in-classroom and in-home coaching, and group training. Storybook Yoga combines physical activity, mindfulness, language & literacy, and social-emotional lessons. All programs are strengths-based and can be tailored to fit the needs of the specific program, group or individual.


Roots (and children!):

  • Are essential, unique, powerful & ever-changing

  • Communicate and collaborate with one another

  • Connect to their world & are stronger together

Quests challenge children to:

  • Explore, investigate, discover, learn & grow  

  • Use curiosity, initiative, creativity & perseverance 

  • Overcome obstacles, seek knowledge & achieve goals


RootQuest provides services that:

  • Help children make meaningful connections 

    • To other people

    • To the natural world

    • Between the mind and body

    • Between different types of learning

    • Between existing and new knowledge

  • Bring diverse skills and perspectives together 

  • Develop lifelong learning skills to help children thrive


Abigail's professional experience includes:

  • Teacher (preschool, special education, adults) 

  • Researcher (education, disability, biomedical)

  • Teacher and parent trainer, consultant & coach


Abigail's education includes:

  • B.A. in Psychology, UVa

  • M.Ed. in Early Childhood Special Education, VCU

  • Ph.D. in Education, VCU

RootQuest was inspired by Abigail's:

  • Love of learning & teaching

  • Passion for helping children and families

  • Belief in the power of connection & collaboration

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