"Abigail has the most welcoming energy and kids are very drawn to her. The stories and body movements are such a fun combination and it's great seeing your child get physical AND mental exercise at the same time!"
"RQ Storybook Yoga has been wonderful for my daughter. She has gained flexibility and confidence in her movements. She has also strengthened her friendships with other members of the class. She always talks about the stories after class."
"My [kids] truly enjoyed the class, and have taken away valuable learning experiences, as well as great yoga poses for exercise in the future."
"I really enjoyed going to yoga with [my daughter] and it has helped introduce her to an activity I enjoy that helps me feel focused and relaxed."
"My [kids] were so drawn in by the fun stories, and acting them out through the use of yoga was awesome! So many valuable lessons learned from this class. Thank you!"

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