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Provides clients with individualized support based on the needs of the child, caregiver, teacher or program to promote child learning & positive behavior.


  • Initial meeting to identify needs & goals 

  • In-classroom and/or in-home observations and interviews

  • Written report & recommendations

  • Follow-up meeting to discuss report & recommendations

  • Coaching can be provided upon request



  • Promoting positive behavior & relationships

  • Mindfulness for children and caregivers

  • Positive behavior management

  • Addressing challenging behavior

    • e.g., defiance, aggression​, whining, peer conflict, not following rules & directions

  • Classroom organization, management & instruction

  • Promoting children's mental health & social-emotional skills

  • Building language & literacy skills

  • Home-school communication/collaboration 

  • Supporting children with special needs

  • Using data to improve outcomes

  *   Interested in a topic not on the list? Just ask!


Designed to provide in-home or in-classroom support for implementing recommendations. Coaching is provided to parents and/or teachers based on the specific needs of the child(ren) and can be individual, classroom, or program-wide.



  • Initial meeting to identify needs & goals

  • Observations and interviews 

  • Written report & recommendations

  • In-person coaching on strategies: 

    • Teaching, modeling, prompting, practice, feedback​, and progress monitoring


Sessions are designed to provide information, strategies & practical support on selected topics in an engaging, interactive format. Training sessions are designed based on the specific needs of the client.


RootQuest services:

  • Are for anyone caring for or teaching young children

    • Families, schools, child development centers, etc.

  • Help clients support child wellbeing, learning & behavior

  • Improve adult-child relationships

  • Are tailored to the needs of the client

  • Can be delivered to groups of any size